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Vanity Unit Renovation

Wood Floor Sanding

Renue-UK has developed a highly effective Vanity Unit Renovation and cleaning program.

Replacement of these damaged units will be time consuming, highly disruptive, and extremely costly, however most surfaces can be restored to their original condition by Renue UK.

The build up of limescale around taps can be a real problem for your cleaners, especially if you are in a hard water area. It is very difficult to remove if your vanity unit is made of an acid sensitive material such as marble. We have developed a diamond polishing system that will return your vanity units back to their original condition.

Another problem faced is that marble is damaged by many different products including perfume and aftershave, fruit juice, and cleaning products. These leave ring marks, splash marks and wipe marks, all of which are impossible to remove with standard cleaning methods which can also often further damage the surface.

The system that we have developed will restore your vanity units to their original condition and will be a credit to your facility.

Renue-UK have carried out many Vanity Unit Renovation projects for various different clients such as Marriott Grand Residence, The Bentley Hotel and the P&O Ferries.

Please Contact us with any questions you have and to arrange a free site survey