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Stone Floor Restoration

beautiful finish after stone floor restoration Renue-UK have successfully carried out many Stone Floor Restoration Projects throughout the UK. Our experience with Stone Care Renovation and Stone Floor Restoration is comprehensive. For many years we have worked with and contracted for Extensive Ltd which is the UK`s leading stone cleaning and chemical provider. This experience coupled with stone care training, and the experience gained through many of our own successful contracts means that Renue UK can now offer a comprehensive stone care and Stone Floor Restoration service.

Our Stone Floor Restoration services include:

  • Stone Floor Restoration and cleaning
  • Stone strip and seal
  • Stone floor polishing
  • Vanity unit restoration
  • Shower wall restoration
  • Exterior façade, stone and brick work cleaning and renovation
  • Regular and periodic maintenance

Even if you feel or have been told that your floor is beyond repair please contact us.

Renue UK have successfully carried out many Stone Restoration Projects even on floors that have been in a very bad condition meaning that the customer has managed to avoid the expense and disruption that having a floor replaced will incur. Please Contact Us With Any Questions Or To Arrange A Free Site Survey