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Granwood and Gransprung Installation, Sanding and Refurbishment Services

Based in Essex and serving clients across London, the Home Counties and throughout the UK, our Experienced Specialists offer the Highest Quality Granwood and Gransprung Flooring Installation, Sanding, and Refurbishment services at genuinely competetive prices.

Whether you’re in the Leisure of Education sector, Your Granwood or Gransprung Flooring is constantly exposed to heavy use and subsequent wear and tear. To maintain its condition, aesthetics and performance, it;s essential to look after it properly – and our Specialists at Renue UK are here to help!
From the Supply and Installation of new Granwood or Gransprung Flooring, to Cleaning and Sealing, Sanding and Full Refurbishments, our Experts promise an outstanding level of Service at all times.

Granwood Floor Sanding and Refurbishment Services

With our extensive knowledge of Gransprung and Granwood floors, we’re often able to repair and renovate even the most badly damaged Gyms and Sports Hall Facilities. Even if you’ve been told your Granwood floor is beyond repair, why not speak to our Experts and we’ll do our best to save you the cost and disruption of a new installation.
Our comprehensive Granwood Floor Refurbishment services include:
  • Free Surveys and Consultancy
  • Granwood and Gransprung Floor Installation
  • Granwood and Gransprung Floor Sanding
  • Granwood “Scrub and Re-Sealing”
  • Granwood and Gransprung Repairs
  • Court Markings for Granwood Flooring

Signs your Granwood Floor needs Refurbishing

While Granwood flooring is extremely durable and designed to withstand regular sporting activity and heavy foot traffic, the surface eventually shows telltale signs of wear, which if left untreated will compromise its effectiveness and eventually cause damage to the Granwood blocks underneath. If you’ve noticed any of the following issues with the Granwood flooring in your School, University, Leisure or Sports facility, it’s worth getting our team in to check it out:
  • Dull in Appearance
  • Unusally or Excessively Dusty
  • Loss of Grip, Becoming Slippery
  • Obvious signs of Surface Wear or Damage
  • Court Markings Worn, Damaged or Outdated
  • Overcoated with incorrect products

Why Renue for your Granwood Floor Sanding, Repairs and Restoration?

Here at Renue UK, we believe in building partnerships, giving you access to a team of Reliable, Professional and Friendly Granwood Flooring Specialists for all your ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Exceptional Dust Extraction System Exceeding H&S WEL’s
  • CHAS accredited
  • Granwax Approved Contractor
  • PST trained by Lagler
  • Clear, transparent quotes
  • Cleaning advice, support & maintenance
  • ConstructionLine Gold Level Member

Granwood Floor Refurbishment, Essex and UK-wide

We are able to deliver our quality Granwood Flooring Refurbishment, Installation and Maintenance Services on a National basis, including local areas such as:
  • London
  • Kent
  • Hertfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Hampshire
Renue UK – for all your Gransprung and Granwood Flooring Refurbishment, Sanding and Maintenance needs.