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Leisure Industry

Renue UK Ltd has designed a comprehensive specialist leisure support service, covering all aspects of the specialist cleaning, renovation and maintenance of leisure facilities.

Using the five-stage Renue UK Leisure Industry Plan, a unique package can be produced to meet the individual needs of each leisure facility.

The Renue UK Leisure Industry Plan

The Renue UK Leisure Plan is a complete system for the specialist cleaning, renovation and maintenance of sports surfaces. It has been designed to incorporate efficient renovation with tailor made maintenance programs to ensure the most cost effective Long Term Lifecycle costs.

The Renue UK Leisure Plan is a five stage system starting with the initial site survey and inspection and following through each stage of the renovation and maintenance program as detailed below:

class=”box-info”>Please note that you can tailor the following to include any individual aspect or any combination of the plan.

Initial Site Survey / Inspection:

  • A report on the general appearance of the surface/area
  • A report on the general condition of high level and awkward access areas.
  • A detailed plan of any specialist cleaning and/or renovation required including costs
  • A Free Demonstration Sample Area if requested

Initial Renovation

  • Deep cleaning of all sports floor surfaces
  • Deep clean of wooden sports flooring followed by application of additional coats of protective floor finish
  • Sanding of wooden sports flooring and application of protective floor finish
  • Re-application of court markings following renovation
  • Deep cleaning of wet leisure environment to remove calcium and body fat
  • Application of non-slip treatment to wet leisure areas in line with HSE guidelines
  • Deep cleaning of high level equipment / structures using appropriate access equipment.
  • Inspection and maintenance of sports equipment

Implementation of Maintenance

  • Production of a site specific maintenance specification to ensure an efficient maintenance program
  • Supply of the correct cleaning equipment and products in order to carry out maintenance specification

Periodic Inspection

  • Quarterly Inspection to ensure efficiency of maintenance program
  • Twice Yearly inspection of general condition of flooring
  • Annual full inspection as per initial site survey

Periodic Maintenance

  • Deep clean and re-application of protective floor finish as required High level cleaning as required, deep cleaning as required