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Renue UK have carried out a Granwood Sanding project at Clifton Community Centre.

Renue UK were chosen for this Granwood Sanding project at Clifton Community Centre, Shefford. This Granwood floor had been previously sealed incorrectly, leaving the floor in a less than ideal state with little to no surface protection. Our Granwood sanding experts decided that the best approach was a professional, full Granwood sanding treatment.

Granwood Sanding – Project Objectives

To guarantee the highest quality of Granwood flooring for Clifton Community Centre, we needed to sand the floor back and start over.
The community centre is regularly used so we arranged a convenient time to begin the Granwood sanding, with the objective of restoring the appearance of the Granwood floor and to ensure it’s safe and fit for use.

Clifton Community Centre Gallery

Granwood Sanding services we provided

Our team carried out a thorough restoration to give this Granwood floor a new lease of life!
The process involved:
  • Sanding the granwood floor to remove the old surface
  • Minor repairs of broken tiles
  • Floor sealing
  • Renew the court markings to current specification
  • Restoration of slip resistant surface
The community centre now has a fully restored Granwood floor that will stand the test of time, and allow everyone using it the chance to enjoy their activities on a top quality surface.

Need help with your Granwood flooring?

If you need help with Granwood Sanding in Shefford, Bedfordshire, or anywhere across the UK, our Granwood Sanding and restoration specialists are here to help – just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.