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Renue UK have carried out a Granwood Sanding project at Westminster University.

Renue UK were brought in to carry out a Granwood Sanding project at Westminster University, Harrow. The Granwood Floor was showing signs of wear and had some damaged areas from where the building had a leak, so our Granwood Sanding experts decided that the best approach was to replace the damaged areas, followed by a professional Granwood Sanding treatment.

Granwood Sanding – Project Objectives

To ensure the highest quality of Granwood Flooring for Westminster University’s sports hall, we needed to sand the floor off and start over, as well as replacing the damaged areas.
The sports hall is part of a very busy university complex, so we arranged a convenient time to tackle the Granwood Sanding, with the objective of restoring the appearance of the Granwood floor and to ensure it’s safe and fit for heavy use.

Westminster University Gallery

Granwood Sanding services we provided

Our team carried out a methodical restoration to bring this sports hall floor back up to scratch – without the scratches!
The process involved:
  • Sanding the granwood floor to remove the old surface
  • Removal of damaged areas
  • Installation of granwood flooring
  • Floor sealing
  • Restoration of slip resistant surface
  • Renew the court marking to the current specifications
The university now has a fully restored gymnasium floor that will last a number of years and allow the students to enjoy their sporting activities on a top quality surface.
Our specialist team of sports flooring contractors have many years of experience in sports hall floor refurbishment, sports hall floor markings, sports hall floor repairs and sports hall floor installation. We have worked on all types of sports hall flooring. Even when the sports floor refurbishment and sports floor installation may have been poorly carried out by other contractors, you can fully rely on our team of experts to quickly put it right.

Need help with your Granwood flooring?

If you need help with Granwood Sanding in Harrow, London, or anywhere across the UK, our Granwood Sanding and restoration specialists are here to help – just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.