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Renue UK have carried out a Granwood Sanding project at Cardiff University.

The granwood flooring in the chemistry lab at Cardiff University was covered in all sorts of chemicals from accidental spillages etc, resulting in a nasty looking area for those working and visiting the lab. Therefore Renue UK were called in for a Granwood Sanding project.

Project Objectives

To provide the highest standard of granwood flooring for Cardiff University, we needed to methodically sand the floor back and start from the begining.
The chemistry lab is part of a very busy university, so we arranged a suitable time to complete the restoration work, with the objective of restoring the appearance of the floor giving it a new lease of life.

Cardiff University Gallery

Granwood Sanding services we provided

Our team carried out an extensive restoration to give this chemistry lab a new lease of life.
The process involved:
  • Sanding the granwood floor to remove the old surface
  • Floor sealing
  • Restoration of slip resistant surface
The university now has a fully restored granwood floor that will last for years to come while providing a stunning looking floor to work on.

Need help with your granwood flooring restoration?

If you need help with your granwood floor restoration in Cardiff, Wales, or anywhere across the UK, our granwood sanding and restoration specialists are here to help – just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.