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Granwood Refurbishment – Froyle Village Hall

Renue UK have carried out a Wood Floor Restoration project in Edgware.

The Downstairs floor in the Head Teachers House at NLCS in Edgware had a lot of water damage, especially by the front door. This made it look patchy and therefore wasn’t a very nice looking floor and needed a Wood Floor Restoration to restore the appearance and protect the surface.

  • Wood Floor Restoration 1, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 2, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 3, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 4, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 5, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 6, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 7, Renue UK
  • Wood Floor Restoration 8, Renue UK

We carried out this Wood Floor Restoration using a full sanding process to remove the damage and what was left of the existing seal. We applied 4 coats of Master Finish.

The transformation of this area was truly amazing!

Following this Wood Floor Restoration the wood floor is now protected and easier to maintain, as well as being a safe and efficient surface.

Froyle Village Hall Gallery

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Wood Floor Sanding
  • Granwood Floor Sanding
  • Deep clean
  • Sealing
  • Court Markings
  • Deep Cleaning on all Sports Surfaces

Why choose Renue UK for your Granwood Refurbishment project?

Renue UK specialise in Granwood Refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance of all types of wooden flooring and have carried out many successful projects throughout the UK.

Our system for Granwood Refurbishment uses the most efficient dust extraction systems available, thereby significantly reducing airborne dust. We use the best sanding machinery, as well as the most advanced wood floor coatings, producing a stunning finish to your wooden floor as well as providing a safe, durable and long lasting surface.

The finish will be a credit to you and your facility and can increase revenue as well as being a boost to the image of your facility.

If your floor does not require a complete Granwood Refurbishment project, we are able to provide you with a deep clean and seal, also using the best materials available.

Following theGranwood Refurbishmentproject, you will also find that the surface will be easier to maintain, and we shall provide with an appropriate cleaning program for your cleaners to follow. We can also provide training on how to maintain the surface if required.

Even if you feel or have been told that your floor is beyond repair please contact us.

Renue UK have managed successful Granwood Refurbishment projects on many floors that have been in a very bad condition meaning that the customer has avoided the expense and disruption that having a floor replaced will incur.

Please Contact Us With Any Questions Or To Arrange A Free Site Survey.