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High Level Clean of Sports Hall Roof at Campion School

High Level Clean, Renue UK

Renue UK have carried out a High Level Clean project at Campion School.

The Main Sports Hall Roof at Campion School in Wellingborough was covered in algae which was blocking the majority of natural light for the sports hall.

At the same time as the Granwood refurbishment in the sports hall, Renue UK were appointed to carry out a High Level Clean of the Main Fibreglass Roof.

The High Level Clean was accessed using a large Mobile Elevated Work Platform (Cherry Picker), which was able to reach all parts of the roof from either side of the sports hall.

The Fibreglass was pre-sprayed with a specially formulated Roof Cleaning product before being pressure washed. The Guttering as also unblocked and restored to full working order.

The High Level Clean transformation was considerable with the light levels in the hall below massively increased.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Restricted Access Cleaning
  • Waterfed Pole Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • High Level Maintenance

Why choose Renue UK for your High Level Clean project?

Renue UK specialise in High Level Clean projects, cleaning and maintenance of all types of high level and restricted access areas and have carried out many successful projects throughout the UK.

Our staff are all fully trained in both IPAF and PASMA and are experienced in all aspects of our High Level Clean services.

Even if you feel or have been told that your area is beyond repair please contact us.

Renue UK have managed successful High Level projects that have been in a very bad condition meaning that the customer has avoided the expense and disruption that having a replacement will incur.

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